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Terms & Conditions of Joining Noble Air:

 For more info on our General Operations, please read the Operations Manual, available in the Resources / Pilot Manuals section of this site.

If you are interested in joining, we do have a few requirements.

1.  File a flight report once every months, unless you are on leave (more on that below). If you have not reported in four weeks, management reserves the right to remove your name from the list of active pilots without notice.

2. If you know that there will be a time when you are not able to fly or report for whatever reason for a period of two or more weeks, please e-mail  / message (via the PIREP system) the management team with an application for leave. Ideally, the application would include:

Your name
Your Noble Pilot Number
Date leave requested from
Date leave requested to
Reason (briefly)

we reserve the right to remove you from the active list if you do not report within three weeks of your leave period ending. At the end of your leave period, your details will be updated to their former status (ie. if you were doing line flights, then went on leave, at the end of your leave period you would return to line flights).

3. If you are inexplicably disconnected from the internet, and have no way of contacting management for more than four weeks, and you return and find that you have been removed from the active list, please e-mail us and let us know that you are back with a quick explanation, and you will be returned with the next upload.

4. If at some time you wish to resign from Noble Air, then we would ask that you submit a letter of resignation to the management team, explaining briefly that you are resigning, and why. Please do not simply stop flying, as that creates hassles, as we don't know who is and who isn't active, and we are forced to remove inactive pilots from our lists. This can cause embarrassment, both to the pilot and the management team, if a pilot who is removed submits a report, and must be added back to the list. So please, let us know, we don't mind if you resign, it's a part of life. If, for whatever reason, you want to rejoin the airline, simply send us an e-mail stating that, and you'll be active again. No need to resubmit a recruiting e-mail, as all your information, your pilot number etc., will be kept on file.

There are a number of documents that we strongly recommend you read through (they're not very long, unlike real world aviation documents!). All are available from the Resources / Pilot Manuals section of this site.

5. Noble Air is a group of Aviation Simulation Enthusiasts, we are all volunteers there are no paid members of Noble Air and we do not charge for the services provided by Noble Air.  Please be respectful of this and processing of applications, general administration, software support may not be instantaneous.

6. Be respectful of all fellow members

7. Flaming or abuse of any description either on the Forums, Teamspeak, FS-Host, by email or via the PIREP system will not be tolorated and may result in suspension or expulsion.

8. Hours will be credited that can be verified from other airlines either by website or via en email from an authorative from the previous airline.  Hours that cannot be verified will not be credited.

Thanks for showing interest in joining Noble Air - You won't regret the decision!